reachNOLA Vision

For two decades the EFCA has had a presence through two churches located in the area. Fives years ago, Katinrina brought EFCA TouchGlobal for crisis response. These ministries are staying; they continue to rebuild and are planning for the next crisis. Many churches have been down in the past years contributing to the manpower of rebuilding and we are grateful for has been done. But of the damage from Katrina remains. Neighborhoods are in blight, there is destruction and many spiritual needs never met.

Most other ministries and groups have left but the EFCA ministries have not and will not! In light of all of this we see a unique situation like no other and an opportunity to minister in Jesus’ Name!

Everyone knows another crisis will come. In the wake of Katrina we saw thousands of individuals respond to the crisis with a spiritually, but two churches are not enough to meet those needs. The EFCA Southeast District has concluded that the Lord is asking our churches to launch a number of new ministries expanding the spiritual base so when next time happens, "we are better together," in meeting the needs of the people suffering.

Next summer the C12 Conference comes we envision thousands of high schoolers and leaders impacting the metro community. Our district ministries are inviting churches across the United States interested in making a gospel investment by assisting in expanding the number of new churches and to help strengthen the ministries in the New Orleans. We see a time of convergence coming to meet growing spiritual needs before and after the next crisis!

Our team on ground, in partnership with EFCA National and International Ministries are coming together with five objectives:

  • Identify and launch five new church plants by 2012.
  • Identify and launch ten new church plants by 2013
  • Strengthen existing churches and ministries
  • Establish an Equipping Center for the EFCA in the Southeast district.
  • Provide a service and learning lab with a missional framework for churches to take home a biblical and practical base which will enable them to be more effective in their own communities

To accomplish these objectives we are asking churches across America to bring teams to New Orleans to work alongside of the ministries already in New Orleans and partner with the church planters. We envision churches committing to multiple visits in the next two years.

Right now there are three new church planting couples getting settled, gathering people and beginning to plant a new EFCA church. We are in process of talking to Hispanic leaders on placing two families to begin Spanish-speaking churches. We are praying for more workers for the harvest field and it has been exciting to see the hand of God move.

The gospel opportunities are great!